Saturday, February 20, 2010

A symbol of long healthy life

Bro in law ordered this for his dad's early birthday celebration. The design has been changed from mouse, hi-fi till... something more auspicious and "traditional" for birthdays.

A pair of longevity fruit "shao tou" and wordings requested by sis, the daughter in law.

For a overall more elaborated design, I've added bamboos onto the side of the cake. Also since I didn't get to put these on my CNY cakes, hee...

Those small little leaves took me almost one hour to stick! There must be about 50 to 80 pieces of leaves on these 10 sticks of bamboos.

Uncle said he loves the cake a lot, looks like TeaRoom will continue to be the cake designer for uncles birthdays to come. :)

Happy birthday again Uncle James.

Rum and raisins cake covered in butter sugar icing

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