Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meringue with Almond Pistachio Ice Cream

I was making my pineapple tart pastry with the egg yolks and had so much egg whites left. I can either throw them away, or make them into facial mask (one month supply if I use daily), OR make some meringue :)

So here they are. Sis was my taster for the meringue - there are some preference matter to decide, on how crunchy we want the centre of the meringue to be.

Made some dollops with just the spoon...

And then decided to try out piping with the nozzle... cute.

I actually like this shape, crunchy and can eat with lesser mess.

Sis had the ice cream with the ready supply of almond pistachio ice cream in the freezer. I almost forgot that sis can be a good taster and a dessert lover - she was on strict diet during her pregnancy due to sugar level. But she's back!

I tried some just now and I think i like the crunchy ones from the marshmallow-centred-like ones, a but too chewy and too much sticky stuff on the teeth. :p

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