Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fresh Cream Fruit Cake

Nice or not this picture? Taken at Delicious, the restaurant we went to celebrate this belated birthday dinner. I was sitting at the end of the table where there was this spot with really good lighting, like studio shot. :)

Yeah, haha... this is the second belated birthday cake by TeaRoom for CS. There are two groups of friends, so two times celebration. And it is actually quite out of the norm for this cake to be non chocolate. In fact the spec was non chocolate and non cheese, something light and healthy. So I'd made fresh cream fruit cake - sponge cake layered with fresh cream and fruits. This one had a layer of mandarin oranges (from the can, those nicely peeled ones) and a layer of longan (something following through the CNY mood) with fresh cream. Covered with fresh cream and topped with more fruits.

Centre piece was a KFC TTB, for a KFC lover. And yeah, we should have gone to KFC for dinner ;). But if you plan to order this cake, fondant toppers and decorations are actually not advisable. I have one for this cake just because I was bringing this cake to dinner and I'd only place TTB on the cake just before I went to the restaurant. TTB was already "sweating" when I remove him from the cake. Unless the fondant topper is not going to be left on the cake for too long, then it is okay to request for one.

Cake at crime scene.

Left over, I think we would have finished this if there were another 3 people or so, or more of us having second helpings. :)

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