Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mouse on Cake

I got a call from Kim last week - I have not met Kim for about 14 years! We were college mates when we were in our final year degree in England. She used to stay in Kuantan, so although we are both in Malaysia, we have not met since then (except for one brief time after that, as reminded by Kim just now). Kim has later moved to KL but I guess I am just such a lazy person, didn't make more effort to meet up - up until today when Kim collected this cake she requested.

This is for her daughter's 6th birthday celebration, she wanted a Minnie Mouse to start...

Later added Mickey too. And they are to be in a garden.

The request for ladybirds, butterflies and birds came in later but unfortunately, I don't have time to make them all. So I told Kim I'm sure I'll be able to make a few ladybirds, but I'll have to use non edible butterflies.

I tried not to make the mouse (or any figurine if I can) with any sticks inserted. Especially if they are for kids and will potentially be eaten, they might forget and bite onto the sticks... So this pair was put under "observations" for about 3 days. Minnie was reconstructed once, and Mickey had another new head after the first... haha...

The original plan was to have the mouse sitting on a piece of "wood" (made of sponge finger covered with fondant), but their final height was about 0.3cm too tall, so I had to put them sitting on the "lawn" instead. That's why the shoes are quite detailed because they were supposed to be facing up - Minnie's shoes are with ribbons and heels!

Due to this change of plans, the leg directions had to be readjusted, and I had to alter Minnie's skirt a bit. The result was Minnie wasn't really sitting straight enough and tend to lean backwards, had her sitting posture fixed with some chocolate stones underneath her butt. And so, that piece of wood came in handy too at the end. Heee... Still, as a double assurance I told Kim to check Minnie out and give her a push before she present this to the children. And finger cross no heads will fall off! (Cake decorator's phobia!)

Wanted to put more butterflies so that the cake looks cheerful, but I think this is a bit much already. So settled with a pair only.

I know, the wordings is a bit crooked, next time must create a smoother lawn for writing messages. :)

Mickey and Minnie are sitting on a moist chocolate cake filled and covered with milk chocolate. (Just in case you are wondering why that colour for milk chocolate, it has added colouring and a bit of coffee to darken the colour)

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