Monday, March 8, 2010

Moussaka - the "healthy" version

Moussaka is a classic Greek dish. Many said that it's actually an Arab dish but the Greek just claimed it as their own.

Anyways, traditionally, moussaka consists layers of juicy meats (normally lamb I heard) and aubergine in herby sauce, topped with a white sauce - cheesy bechamel sauce topping, quote magazine. I happened to come across this "healthier" version of this dish and decided to put this into making under my savoury test kitchen project.

So, the difference is I've used chicken meat instead of lamb (or low fat beef as called by this recipe in magazine); oven baked the aubergines with just a brush of oil instead of sauteed or deep fried aubergines; the white sauce was made of low fat yogurt instead of milk. The cheese is still there but I don't think the amount is considered "fattening" ^_^.

The aubergines were layered in between the meat that was cooked in a convenient tomato sauce, oregano, cinnamon, all spice... omitted the parsley. Actually couldn't get parsley when I shopped for ingredients. I think will add that in the next time, or perhaps can try using bay leaves. Finally topped with the white sauce then oven baked till slightly golden and bubbling. I think it can be browned slightly more. I was rather hungry, so didn't want to wait :p. Prepared this in cute little casseroles instead of in a big dish

That was last night's dinner, with mixed green salad prepared by sis.

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