Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday FF Maxis!

8 years old already? Happy birthday Fitness First Maxis!

The cake order arrangement was by Nick and the theme is "green". So I thought of garden, plants, mother nature... I have been wanting to do some vegetable patches, thought the idea is just so cute. But since this is a chilled cake, I have to settle with a non fondant design, therefore flower beds instead.

Chose four colours (randomly!) and made them into four flower patches.

Put up some sign posts as "names" (also chosen randomly! Haha...) of the flowers.

Maybe I should have named this "RPM" instead, hehe...

The yellow sugar flowers were my favorite, so sunshine and cheerful :)

The "fence" were made of chocolate sticks, I've got mint chocolate sticks, orange ones and some dark chocolate sticks.

Made some path ways around the flower patches with chocolate "stones" at the side of the path and almond and toffee crunch (which I don't think is crunchy anymore by now) as gravel.

I felt like I want to go down onto the cake for a walk when I've finished constructed the walking path :)

The flower beds were planted on a White Chocolate Lychee Cheesecake covered in fresh cream lawn.

And...two more boxes of cupcakes, mixed flavours...

Saved the ladybirds for the cupcakes together with the green butterflies (non edible).

Hope the celebration is a blast! Workout hard so that we can feast without guilt! ;)

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