Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tom and Jerry

Angie called to order a box of cupcakes for his son's birthday, she heard from Lynn that I had some new designs. :) There will always be new designs in here, and you should always request for a new design for yourself ^^. After going through ideas like cars and football, cartoon characters finally came into picture.

I used to watch cartoon a lot when I was a kid. Besides all the fairy tales (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty...) my other favorites were actually Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Mickey... Those short series. When my cousin brother came to stay with us when he was going to kindergarten (the one who celebrated his 21st birthday last year), he used to watch Tom and Jerry like everyday - we had these 3 video tapes (yes, was still tapes and not CD or DVD then) of Tom and Jerry which he recycled over and over again....

I'd to say, the cartoon is rather violence, but don't worry, we did not grow up being violent watching this cartoon haha... and it's always Tom who was defeated, poor thing. But one might say it's always Tom who started the chase and he is the big bully, so perhaps the moral of the story is - be kind to the little ones; or don't go being big bullies; or don't look down on small little things as they might possess great damaging power! Haha... Isn't it? Jerry can always lift huge heavy stuff like the hammer, to hit the big grey cat that was more than double it's size.

I didn't mean to make Tom looking defeated, but the cupcake box was not tall enough for Tom to be sitting upright. This position of Tom was in between lurking and lying almost flat defeated, haha... Again, there wasn't much space for Tom to be lying sprawling over so many cupcakes. Peeps... order a big cake for this theme the next time k? ;)

Here's my little Jerry...

Separated them enemies so they won't fight while we are not looking haha... Just kidding. It was purely for spacing arrangement.

Happy 4th birthday to Xin Wei, hope you'd enjoy the cupcakes as much as you enjoy the cartoon series :)

ps. yes, yes... I realized I left out putting toppers on the one behind Jerry. Had done that later by adding a chocolate ball. heh...

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