Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cupcakes with Musical Notes

I think this is the first time I took order for non relatives, friends or gym members. I've found a new "customer" and a new regular blog reader through TD.

This was what she wanted:

Colour theme: light purple and bright orange. I wouldn't have thought of such combination myself.

Additional decoration: Musical notes. And yes, I've learnt music before - piano. But I dropped out before my first exam. Hated the theory, only like playing (the piano). So I bet my piano teacher would be so glad that I remember my notes. Haha...

Marshmallow flowers for the 3D effect.

The wordings were in pink instead of black (dark brown) because I didn't want the wordings to "fight" with the musical notes. But they do look a bit plain and didn't stand out in the picture. So I've later added some borders to the letters.

I hope you have had a great celebration!

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