Sunday, March 22, 2009

White Chocolate Bread Pudding

I was invited to a house warming at a gym friend's new condo. I have been really busy with orders last week so I only had time to bake on Saturday morning, just before the gathering. Since the bread pudding had been an all time favorite, and this was the quickest to make (and most importantly I can bring it over even after it came straight out from the oven).

The bread pudding is made with croissant, the usual pudding mix but with additional melted white chocolate to give a richer texture. This will definitely be very indulging if you are up to some rich, creamy and buttery kind of bread pudding.

Best eaten with a good scope of vanilla ice cream. If I've had more time, I would have made some vanilla sauce (white chocolate vanilla sauce most probably) to go with the pudding. And if it's for non Muslim friends, some brandy in the vanilla sauce will be so perfect!

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