Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flower Box

This was for Farah's hantaran... when she told me black, I was pleasantly surprised. Black I feel is not a very common choice of colour, pairing with pink flowers - I could imagine then already that I would love the result myself! :)

It was the handbags and Amal's cake which were of Farah's liking, so I gave her a sketch of a "quilted" box with flowers "spilling" out from the opening. After a few months (trust me!) of fine tuning the design and details, this was the end result.

The choice of flowers were pinkish hydrangea and dark pink roses. Farah wanted some flowers to be on the board, she thought it will give a more dramatic effect^^

This was a chocolate moist cake with milk chocolate filling. Both "box" and "cover" were made of cakes, and board was fully fondant covered too.
I felt like keeping this cake for myself!


gymaddict said...

OMG too pretty!
Happy New Year TTB :D

MisFyd said...

Cool! Luv this!

Anonymous said...

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