Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birthday Feast!

It's a birthday feast Joanna threw for her boyfriend. :)

The idea was originally a basketball court with a human figurine, one muscular one. But later we thought the idea a bit lack of fun and cake might appear a bit "empty", so we moved onto this theme with the birthday boy enjoying a table full of his favorite types food.

Here are some dessert ("tong shuei") and puddings

Japanese food - tempura prawns set with miso soup, rice and pickles. Green tea on the side

The mini birthday cake, since this "real" birthday cake does not look like a cake at all haha...

Assorted sushi

I heard they had so much fun with this cake hehe... Happy "belated" birthday to David (belated just because I posted this late :p)


D68A Joanna said...

Thank You so much Bel ^^ ♥♥♥
so much to say yet couldnt find a word beside thank you for thr making my "dream comes true"~
Thanks for your time - u were so patient and provide feedback for every single demand thou it was busy and tough month... (close to CNY.. >_<) ..
Once again.. appreciate your help and cake so much ^^ it made our day ^^ ♥touch♥

Bel Jee said...

Hmm... how to create the hearts hearts ah? :p

Yo... so "hak hei" one, although we are FB friends, but you are "customer" wor, I am supposed try my best to achieve what you have in mind :p :p

Thanks for the feedback :), it means a lot to me too *heart heart* (since I don't know how to do this symbol in here haha...)


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