Friday, September 2, 2011

Present Tower

This was the beginning of my no-off-day August :)
Imagine wrapping 25 presents, I mean cakes...
The base colour of red, yellow and orange was given and the ribbon colours are free hand with the objective of "clashing" the colour as much as I can!
But some colours kind of went matching instead...
Various sizes cakes
Red and yellow was kind of okay right?
And definitely love the match of red and black :)

Here is the cake tower, with a custom made cake stand ordered by Yew Mun (who ordered these cakes)
24 mini cakes with a main centrepiece cake at the top


cynthia tan said...

Can i know the price of it? Thanks :)

Bel Jee said...

Hi there... do you mean all 24 mini and centrepiece cakes or just the one on the top? The whole set (excluding the tower structure) is close to RM1500. Centrepiece cake only will be RM150. If you need any further information, feel free to drop us an email at

Tuty said...

Hi...may I know the price for the mini cakes? I'm thinking of ordering it for my cousin's engagement 'hantaran' in January. Thanks.


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