Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Love Discount Meal Deal + Cupcake Discount Voucher

We are offering a set meal deal with I Love Discount at RM9.80 including a main meal, drinks and dessert. The usual price of these items is RM18.50 and the cafe is currently offering RM11.90 for this set - NOW at only RM9.80 per set is a deal you wouldn't want to miss!
ON top of this great value meal deal, we are including a RM10 discount for voucher holders who wish to order a set cupcakes that is priced from RM55 (1 voucher/ redemption per cupcake set).
How to use this RM10 discount offer:
1) Place an order for a set of cupcakes via email at or call us at (03) 22011806.

2)Choose the size of your cupcakes
(All 3 sets with the following sizes are priced at RM55 with basic design):

a. 36 pieces of mini (1.5" in diameter)
b. 25 pieces of small (2" in diameter)
c. 16 pieces of medium (2.2" in diameter)

3) Choose 1 of the flavours:
a. Chocolate or
b. Butter

4) Choose 1 of the basic cupcake set designs (at no extra charge):
a. Garden theme or
b. Party Theme
5) Select a date and time for cupcake collection (1 week advanced notice is preferred although we might be able to deliver "emergency" orders within 2 to 3 days during off-peak time)

6) Provide us with your contact number and I Love Discount voucher reference number to get this further RM10 discount off the usual cupcake set price of RM55.

See you soon!

Garden theme cupcake design (Can be with or without wordings. Butterflies and flowers are made of fondant.)
Party theme cupcakes design (Can be with or without wordings. Other toppers includes chocolate, marshmallows, nuts and candies)

Talk to us if you like an upgraded design and we will let you know the amount to top up. This RM10 discount CAN be used in conjunction with and on top of our Mother's Day cupcake set early bird discount.


Lily said...

Hi those cupcake garden and party is it size: mini?

Bel Jee said...

Hi Lily, yes the sample pictures show 36 pieces of mini cupcakes. The mother's day theme cupcakes are small size.

descuento viajes said...

Wow its such lovely and cute decoration of mini cup cakes. As well as Get more discount on meal. Its too good.

codice promozione said...

Wow I really like Discount Meal Deal + Cupcake Discount Voucher. Its very nice idea for party.


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