Monday, March 25, 2013

Groupon Voucher Redemption A to Z

Here is a simple illustration to explain the elements of the Groupon featured cakes and how to place your order:

Let us know:
1) Your name (we use this as reference for order collection)
2) Contact number
3) Email address
4) Preferred collection date and time (we open from 8.30am to 6.30pm Mon - Fri; 10.30am to 3pm on Sat)
5) Groupon voucher code and security code
6) Cake specifications
- Size and design e.g. 6" bear cake
- Flavor, e.g. chocolate, we are able to upgrade the cake flavour for a charge of RM15, check out other flavours here
- Filling is by default buttercream, however, we are able to upgrade this for a charge of RM15, e.g. dark chocolate ganache
- Background colour (choose from light blue, baby pink, red, white or dark green), surcharge of RM5 applies if you like to select colours other than this list

If you chose "Gift Box" design...
- Ribbon colour, choose from light blue, baby pink, red, white or dark green (only for gift box unless we are referring to the "base design" of bear cake, see below)
- Base design, choose from either pearls or flowers (colour of base design is by default the same with ribbon colour)

If you chose "Bear Cake" design...
- Bear design, you can choose to have a "plain" bear, one that wears a ribbon or wears a hat.
- Base design, choose from either ribbon or pearls
- Base design colour, choose from light blue, baby pink, red, white or dark green, e.g. white ribbon

6) Wordings (if any), although there is no limit on the number of words but they cannot be too long in order to fit nicely into the available space of the cakes. Wordings are by default red colour or they can be the same with the base design colour.

7) Other requests
- Additional or change of figurines (please ask us for a quote)
- Additional designs for the background, e.g. polka dots, strips, flowers, snowflakes, garden etc. Surcharge should be around RM15 - 20
- Stacking of cakes; if you would like to have a 2 tier cake, purchase a 6" AND 8" cake (of the same design only) and we can make these cake a 2-tier cake with a surcharge of RM15.

Email booking is preferred and we will respond to you within 2 working days (we will respond as fast as we can of course...), we are taking orders through this email address: Of course you can also call us if you like to speak to us, we can be reached at 014 705 0727 (note that this is a digital phone fixed line and doesn't take text messages, and we will only be available to answer this phone during opening hours :))

If you like to contact us on our Facebook page, please allow us some time to respond as well in case the administrator (only one) cum cake designer cum email administrator cum operator.... is busy with the cake orders :)

See you soon!

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