Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cupcake Special

... to SSB aka Lynnx, the very original Cupcake Queen.

These were what I've been doing during the weekend (but cannot post them until now because it's supposed to be a surprise ya) - a box of extra big size birthday theme cupcakes.

TD, well done for keeping it as a surprise, according to SSB, she didn't expect it, so she's not "perasan" hehe... BUT, do you really think I'm not gonna make you any cupcake for your short trip back from Indon, where there's shortage of extreme-icing-cupcake supply?

So if anyone saw me at TC just now and wonder which class I was at, I was at none, was there for the party only. Had a glimpse of combat class, saw some of you enjoying yourselves so much in there. A very happy looking Carebear on stage whom I would definitely not have the heart to fight with lah, looking so sweet with her smiling face hehe... :p

Happy birthday SSB, may all your dreams come true!

Another special box of birthday special for SSB. Hope you like it!

Specially for the RPM fanatics! TD represents most of them (rated according to the number of cupcakes ate over total number of cupcakes in the box) hehe...

The birthday cupcakes at the crime scene.

"curly" colourful candles, which had almost burnt down by the time birthday gal arrived at crime scene.

And there you go SSB, extra icing in the form of flowers and leaves, with loads of chocolate stones.

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