Monday, February 25, 2008

Mixed Fruit White Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo Base

Made another birthday cake. So many birthdays coming up soon!

The celebration was at office. I suppose they do like the cake since two of them had second helping. I was asked "don't you want to open a shop?". Of course I do! But that means I will be resigning from my job ya.

The baked cheesecake - 1 and half hour of baking and overnight chilling.

I've bought about 2 spring form baking tins. Normally we use spring form baking tins so it's easier to turn the cake out. Okay, okay, you don't really "turn" out the cake if it's say cheesecake, just saying. But I've got bad experience with the quality of those spring form tins and have given up. I normally just use a normal baking tin, lined with aluminium foil before pressing in the crust and pouring in the mixture for baking. What I do is to lift the whole cake out by lifting the foil. Then peel the foil off. This case, I normally get a cake with wrinkly sides.

So need to "repair" that. Use a warm knife (by dipping it into hot water AND wipe dry)

Run the back of the warmed knife over the side of the cake, the cheese will be slightly melted when come in contact with the hot metal. The cake can be smoothed this way.

Not perfectly smooth, but at least better than before, right? Haha...

Then the decoration. If you are decorating with fruits, don't forget to glaze them, otherwise they will look dried up and discoloured after a while.

Final touch - cake lining, ribbon and birthday tag. And it's done. Omitted the cream for health reasons. Haha...

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