Sunday, April 27, 2008

Banana Cupcake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

To be precise, this is a banana, dates, chocolate chips with walnut topping cupcake with Lindt dark chocolate butter ganache. The name is so long, so used short form for title.

The original cake was a tea-time loaf cake, my sis baked this a few months before and I thought it's a good banana cake recipe. So, instead of using my usual butter cake and making them into banana cake, I used this banana cake recipe.

The baked cupcakes

The icing is a dark chocolate butter ganache.

Cupcakes with icing

The decoration for the cupcake, I made some "banana disk", inspired by this blog. It's called the caramelized banana disk, which I might call them "fried" bananas.

The caramelized banana

The decorated cupcakes


Anonymous said...


What a sight!!! BEST Nyerrrrrrrrr
(no nid to taste oso know ady...)

I'M having all of my four pcs... lolz



TTB said...

Thank u LGM! A supportive taster aka blog ed. I tried a bite of the cupcake this morning, I think maybe the cakes are better off without the walnut. Too much "distraction" towards the cupcake till it's not focused - the highlight is no longer banana.

Swee said...

Dear Dear.... Anything will do la.. I am not that picky, am I? Same same as PT la, I take whatever you baked.. "P

Icing.. Sure, cox it is choc!!!

hehe... Looking forward for the choc to lift up my mood.. Then again.. Tougher tracks to burn that off?

TTB said...

Haiyo Carebear, dun use the choc as an excuse to torture us k. U will do tough tracks regardless what one lah... i'm sure we all are so longing for some serious torturing, haha... sound crazy!

Anonymous said...

Where is mine?????????


gymaddict said...

Oh man...slurp slurp...drool drool...

MasterChef said...

hmm.. i didn't taste it too.. the single pack one i gave it to my HR manager today to cheer her up.. plus.. heh.. i am on diet. But will get feedback from her tomorrow ya ^_^

TTB said...

I need another banana cupcake recipe. Actually, yes, I WILL settle with a muffin recipe, without the icing... soon soon. Take a break from banana cake first.

Anonymous said...

I shall get straight to the pros and cons

1. banana not ripe enuff (next time add banana essence?? lolz)
2. too many ingredients in the cupcakes/muffin (eh... like that kennot do biz one laaa)

1. packing was really nice. So tempted to keep the box... Got sticker summo...
2. not oily
3. not too sweet
4. love the texture (kinda like melts in your mouth)

Will remind u when u announce when u doing another round of banana cupcake/muffin.

Sekian maklum.
for more information, pls log on to... (kidding...)

Haffa great Tuesday


TTB said...

Wahhh... THANK YOU for the great review. it's useful, next time i just refer here and can recall what improvements necessary.

Yeah, i'm quite into packaging, when the content is not that great, you need to mask and deceive others by giving good first impression haha...

Next banana muffin i think will be the week after this week...

Anonymous said...


So longggg???????

ok la ok la... at least u'll haf time to get ripe bananas....

DO NOT... (I REPEAT...) Do not get ripe banana from the shop

donno... *mom say one*

Better to listen to mom... lolz


TTB said...

okay okay, i will buy the some how not ripe banana and let it ripe at home. Yeah lah, wait another week, this weekend we got visit to orphanage, so i'm baking for that, plus, there's request of cookies for office...

Anonymous said...

BUY BANANA!!!!!!!!!



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