Friday, November 28, 2008


Sis ordered a box of birthday cupcake for her sis in law. Last week she ordered for her bro in law - the cute box of cupcake for Eric - and this week sis said she needs something more "serious" and not too cute.

Sis said she quite like this flower, it's called the chic pea flower if I'm not mistaken, or as the birthday gal had named this in her album, the tulip. I think they are supposed to be in yellow.

The word" 寿"which means longevity is specially requested by sis.

And instead of the usual piped flowers, which I supposed are called wild flowers, I've prepared some roses. These had to be piped and shaped first then lifted onto the cupcakes. Finished off with some leaves. If there are more space on the cupcakes, I think the roses will look nicer if they are in pairs.

The box of assembled cupcake. Happy birthday Jennee!!!

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