Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chocolate Clusters

If you have left over of chocolates (unlikely is it?) or you have bit and pieces of chocolates which you don't think is "interesting" enough for you, melt them all and customize into something you like. For me, I had a few pieces of dark chocolates of different brands which I used for baking different things previously. And I was also in a mood of combining a few things to make them into my idea of chocolate, I decided to make this.

If you really want to make some chocolate clusters, here's how simple it is to make...

First melt some chocolate of course. Dark chocolates are easier to set then milk chocolate by the way. So, melt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl over a bowl/ pan of hot water - no need to be simmering, just hot will do.

Then prepare whatever you would like to have in your chocolate, I chose raisins (which have been soaked overnight in Brandy), roasted almonds and some digestive biscuit to make the chocolate clusters crunchier. Basically, you can add whatever you like to eat into your chocolate. This is the beauty of making your own chocolate.

How much to put into the chocolate? Depends if you want to eat a lot of the extra stuff you put in, or a lot of chocolate. I would go for really thick mixture. So, just mix everything into the melted chocolate.

After mixing everything evenly, spoon the chocolate mixture either into little paper cups, like these...
Or just spoon them onto baking paper like so. Then put them into the fridge to set.

Make them as after dinner treat or all time snacks. They are real good indulgences.

Otherwise, use them as cake decorative items or cupcake toppers.


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