Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TeaRoom signature Chocolate Cake goes two tier!

I was actually the one request to make a birthday cake for TA's wife and since I've got a special invitation to the birthday bash (and sis and bro in law were also invited) I've decided to make the chocolate cake a two-tier.

I'm not very expert in making tiered cake, therefore, seriously requiring some good tools. So we went to Wilton to shop for something suitable.

And this is what I got after going through a few options. This cost RM38 plus, plus a plastic cake tray to hold the top tier, the bill for the "construction" of this 2-tier cake was about RM55.

The box comes with 4 globes and hidden pillars.

The instructions were clear but since this was my first time dealing with 2-tier cake, I was over eager with measuring of the pillars that I actually measure them before the icing. Which I later found was a mistake of course. But since I've already cut the pillars, they were a bit shorter than they should be.

Followed by placing the globes over the pillars.

The consequences of short pillars? The top tier squashing down onto the globes hence the cake was not as tall as it could have been.

But still looks ok, no?

Finished with my recent chocolate cake decoration.

Cake at the event.

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