Monday, October 6, 2008

Chocolate Moist Cake - Soft Candy with Leaves

Got the idea from this...

The original look, with fresh raspberries on a white cream frosted cake.

I've got these soft candies that looks like raspberries (don't they?). Not only they are not as expensive as the real berries, they are also easier to handle, no need to glaze or preserve.

If you want to pipe a few different designs from a same colour icing, the best is the use the coupler, that allows you to interchange nozzles.

Pipe a bed of "leaves" and "stick" the candies on them.

Pipe some veins and more leaves randomly. I tried not to overdo the cake. Haha... Trust me, piping leaves can be quite addictive.

Drop some veins and leaves to the side if you want to decorate the cake more. I couldn't stick the candies on the side of the cake because my icing will not hold anything. Besides, the candies are too heavy.

So I had the candies resting on the base of the cake board.

There! The final look, complete with birthday tag - There's no more space to write birthday message anyways.

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