Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chocolate Fruit Cake

An early presentation of a Christmas cake, which was actually for a birthday. The choice of this birthday cake as requested by the birthday gal.

The ingredients: Since I don't like mix peel, I've chosen this recipe where you can pick and match the type of dried fruit to include. So I had plums, dates (though okay but the taste did not blend in that perfectly), cherries and raisins. In addition, chocolate chips had been added to intensify the chocolate aroma of this already chocolate based cake. Ground almond was also added hence giving a very solid texture.

The decoration: With brandy butter icing (though originally I planned to get the ready to roll icing, but didn't have time and more inclined to the butter icing taste than fondant icing) and a few Christmasy ornaments.


Juliana Agnes said...

These are the most creative cakes and cupcakes i have seen. Filled with so much love and warmth. You have truly spoiled my tastebuds. Now i cannot look at another Secret Recipe cake anymore! No one can stand up to your choc cheesecake! Amazing!!!

Bel Jee said...

Thanks Juju, you are my great support!


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