Saturday, November 6, 2010

Emily's 1st Birthday Partiesss

It was my niece, Emily's 1st birthday on 31st October. Her mother threw her 3 birthday parties!

The first one was with my mother, Emily's "po po" at my house. Since it was just us and we are not going to appreciate the decorations neither the icing, so we went with a "plain" cake. We also wanted to have a fresh from oven warm cake, so the cake was only decorated with a candle (which was recycled since it was hardly burnt heh).

Emily and her first birthday cake

Freshly baked marble cake, warm and fluffy!

The second birthday part was the next day after the above, at my sister's own house with our elder and younger auntie & family. Again, we had something non decorative - bread and butter puddings.

I'd made the puddings into mini tubs for the cake tower display

Croissant bread and butter white chocolate pudding served with custard cream and vanilla ice cream. Yumzzz...

The 3rd party was the following day, at my sister's house with her in laws...

Finally something really decorative :)

A set of barn animal cupcakes - 36 mini cupcakes surrounding one large cupcake in the centre

The "fencing"

Tress (plastic and not edible)

Ladybirds on grass

TTB with cow's outfit and a viking hat. Someone actually did say that TTB was a cow :)

Little Chick
A baby calf

Pink piglet, my favorite just like baby haha :)

Little lamb

The baby toons

Happy birthday to my cutie pie, muahhssss...

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Wai En said...

Looks more like an art piece...:) Beautiful and Emily is truly blessed to have an aunt like you...


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