Monday, November 1, 2010

Kitty's Nursery

Shannen ordered this first through TeaRoom FB page... We went through a few emails, some phone calls and loads of imagination, and finally finalized a design with Hello Kitty in a nursery kind of background.

At first Shannen only specified that she wanted kitty. I suggested that we have the kitties doing something instead of just placing the kitty as a masterpiece in the middle of the cake.

So I added the alphabet cubes, teddy bear and a book.

TTB as a toy this time :)

A book

The sugar alphabet cubes

A fully fondant covered chocolate moist cake and fondant covered cake board. The cake was 8 inches in diameter, about 3 inches tall, and he kitties were about 3 inches in height as well.

An edible sugar ribbon around the cake

This was for Eunice's 2nd birthday celebration. Shannen ordered another box of cupcakes for the party as well, made a little barney for that box of cupcakes.

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