Sunday, April 3, 2011

Domo Party for Madalyn

Happy birthday Mei! Okay, I know it's belated since my cousin sis' birthday was 29th March. Not that I forgot her birthday, she got her birthday cake ahead of time, it's just that my blog post is so delayed that the birthday message is belated as of today. As since there was kind of a "complaint" that my blog is very out dated lately - I have to admit - so I better keep up with the posting. SORRY! I have been really busy. Bad excuse but I will make it up to you by having daily, yes DAILY new post for this week. :) Back to the cake... my cousin is a BIG fan of Domo Kun, and she requested for a Domo cake for her birthday (in case I make her sheep/ lamb again, I do that every year since her zodiac is lamb haha...).
This was a butter cake and with piped butter icing to achieve the "fluffy" effect, although I don't think Domo is that fluffy. LOL. There was a little Domo collectibles (handmade fondant "toy") as requested as well because cousin wanted to have this "preserved" and kept.

Here is a picture from my private album - this was what's left with Domo after the cake was served.
And this was the best, I "borrowed" this picture from sis - since the request of a Domo cake, we all decided to throw cousin sis a "Domo party" (no we didn't go in Domo costume!) and got her presents of Domo's. There was Domo pillow, Domo cosmetic case, Domo head rest, Domo casing.... and my sis even wrapped the present up as Domo (above picture). So cute!

Mei, hope you have had a great time and hope you are not sick with Domo yet. Haha... ;)

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Madalyn said...

Thanks for the cake jie, and i like it.Muacks...


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