Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Farmville on Cupcakes

Does this look familiar to you? I am actually not farming on FB Farmville, but I do have Farm Story in my phone, so this is how my barn looks like which I think is the same with FV. Remember the Angry Bird cupcakes? The same person ordered this for another occasion. This is a piggy which does not look like my usual pig because I was attempting to follow the look of the pig in the game. A bit over sized because I got carried away when making them thinking that they were for medium cupcakes and not mini ones.
Moo moo...

The lamb

I like the crops better actually :)

My favorite - in this delivery and also in the game. I will be farming pumpkins non stop, haha...



Pumpkin again :p

Except for the barn which has became "leaning tower of Pisa" I think they quite enjoy having this set. ;)

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