Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yao Yao and friends

As per usual, Clare and I have been discussing on Yao Yao's birthday cake months before her birthday. This cake was delivered during the hectic early weeks of the TeaRoom opening haha... And Wai En was there to take professional pictures for a few cakes and the result was... I forgot to take more pictures! So only have 3 here which are actually decent enough for the blog :p

Take a look at Yao Yao's previous birthday cakes:
My first cake for Yao Yao's 2nd birthday
This was for Yao's 3rd birthday. My first Pororo cake (when I found out who Pororo is haha...)

Happy birthday to Ashley aka Yao Yao again. Hopefully auntie Bel will be making your 5th birthday cake. (To mommy Clare: I wonder what's the theme for your next cake project :))

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