Saturday, February 11, 2012

CS' BIG 40

Happy 40th CS!
A cake for a special friend on his big birthday, and it was a surprise :)
A "timeline" cake with year, icons and milestones from baby to big 40
Baby CS in 1972
Graduated from high school
Setting up own company
The birthday boy

The 3 tier cake of approximately 14 inches tall including toppers
Birthday cake history:
Last year's iPhone cake
One of the Birthday cakes in year 2010 (not producing this cake anymore though).
The other Birthday cake in year 2010.
2009's cake - which is now available in cute little cupcakes.
There was also a farewell cake for CS in 2009 - now available over the counter at TeaRoom retail in slices.
In year 2008... I haven't got a blog post for that, I think it was a moist chocolate cake, "no frill" haha...

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