Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hokey Pokey Coffee Cake

Here it is...

SSB MSN-ed for a birthday cake request. Yeah she's back in town till Monday. When I asked her what flavour, she said coffeeee... okay. I've got this coffee walnut cake recipe, and since SSB liked the name of the cake too, we've decided on it.

However, SSB asked for a smaller cake. Okay, instead of making the recipe into half (lazy to calculate the measurement), I made the full recipe, and make the remaining into cupcakes. Though, I had to admit, the "little" cake is taller than it should be, take it as a special treat and not the permanent specification of this cake :p.

The cake was baked at a relatively lower temperature, so as I thought, we got a rather moist cake, which I think should be nice - SSB let me know. The cake is reduced sugar as usual, moreover, the icing is butter icing, so will be a bit sweet if the cake is also very sweet.

Baked the cakes in two separate container, it would be advisable to do so especially with cake that's got nuts or fruits, because cutting the cake into half will be messy.

Sandwich the two parts with some butter icing.

Sprinkle with the chopped walnut pralines.

Stack the two parts together and thinly cover the cake with icing first. This will stick the cake crumbs together. If not, when you do the final layer of icing, you will see cake crumbs contaminating the icing, and if like me, the piped icing will fall off the cake.

Did the side with star shape nozzle, quite tedious, next time I will just weave the sides too. But last night I thought of reserving the weave for the top.

My "signature" weave for the surface.

Silver balls to add to the 3D effect.

Whole walnuts, birthday tag and some colour to decorate. Happy birthday uncle!!!

And the remaining for the cupcakes.

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