Sunday, June 8, 2008

Death by Chocolate Cake

I was talking to sis just now about giving a name to my chocolate cake. Besides Bel's chocolate cake, perhaps we can call it Death By Chocolate Cake.

Any other suggestions for the name of this cake? ^_^

This is a rich moist chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing. Based on the feedback, this chocolate cake has been a success every time it makes appearance on celebrations or given as presents.

The cake is very moist and though sandwiched and glazed with milk chocolate icing, it's not too sweet because of the reduced sugar cake.

I am still not quite happy with this chocolate cake decoration. I mean, chocolate coated strawberries are great I think, but need something which is more "convenient" - I was so sleepy the other night and couldn't even afford to wait for the chocolate on the strawberries to be properly coated and dripped dry, that's why the pool of chocolate around the strawberries. Some of the strawberries actually fell off the cake the next morning because it was too "slippery". Plus, the strawberries were a bit wet too. Perhaps the mini chocolates are still one of the best options.

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