Sunday, June 15, 2008


I tried the Simon Rimmer's Scones recipe.

I've already have a recipe which I'm happy with actually, and it's my ex-boss' favorite. But I do really want to try this out since it sounds like a great recipe. The difference between this recipe and mine is the sugar content - this one higher. Other than that would be the additional baking powder, I supposed will make the scones lighter.

The amount of raisins I personally think is too much, I suppose about 30gm instead of 55gm. With this amount, you have about 10 raisins in a scones. I don't think we should overload the scones with raisins, firstly it will be too sweet and overpowering the scones, secondly, it's difficult to cut them up if you wish to sandwich butter and jam in the middle.

Finally, I'd used a cutter instead of shaping the scones free-hand today. I still prefer free-hand shaping, it's more manageable, and i like it "taller".

The above were shaped free-hand because it's difficult to cut the remaining dough with cutter towards the end. These below were from the cutter with exact directions of the recipe (rolled dough into 1.5cm thick).

I've no idea if this is a more delicious recipe or not. I might have it for breakfast tomorrow. My taster will try it out for me later.


Swee said...

Looks like my Tuesday morning breakfast as well as tea time were sponsored! :)

My pleasure to let you know the feedback on the baking. Need to watch my diet this week.. But since am covering the tuesday morning pump for the next 2 weeks (kena borrowed over to MRB to do pump, instead my own BB), i supposed i can afford a little bit more butter and sugar.. :)

So, godsh.. It will be again 3 pumps in 2 days! havent been doing that for long long time, hope i will survive... (Think one pump at 830pm, next one at 7am the next day, and one more at 740pm same day!!!!)

Things, that i do for my BFF... and lion heart.. lol..

gymaddict said...

The first and last time I tried making scones...I think if I threw them at someone they would die :P

Swee said...

Feedback time!!!!!

*drum roll*.......

Scone: Not too sweet, I like. Could have go with a bit more butter and raisin.. Then again, that s my taste, as I dun take scone with butter and jam. I take them plain with Milk!! Errr... Yes, I 'dip' my scones into milk. OK, I know, I am weird. But, I like it that way.. Hehehe

Biscotti: Choc flavour can never go wrong with me. Not too sweet, Great!! A bit hard, hm... I think maybe it is the thickness? I realised this time was a bit thicker than the last batch, maybe thats why it is tougher to bite ... If that make sense....

Thanks Thanks for the errr.....last night supper and this morning breakfast.

TTB said...

Carebear - more raisins is it? hmm... then you follow the original recipe. More butter might not achieve this texture already lah. So must choose between texture and amount of butter. My other "customers" are all having with butter wo.

Mum surprisingly said this is deliciously. haha... MFG, comments as posted. Since recipe would have to somehow tailored for MFG, so I confirm this recipe!!

Thanks all for trying out!


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