Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Erwin and Elizabeth's Wedding

For Erwin and Elizabeth's wedding

The cupcake designs were given by Erwin after a few rounds of brainstorming. Since their theme was gold, I've suggested the yellow and gold colour palette.

Smooth butter icing and butter icing rosettes sprinkled with silver balls

Also with the package...

And a complimentary wedding cake from TeaRoom

Fondant lightly dusted with gold and dotted with pearls

Erwin and Elizabeth have specially requested for appearance of TTB :)

Congratulations to Erwin and Elizabeth. May you live happily ever after.


cheeky girl said...

and i shall have "cupcake" commission... yay... glad that all worked out...
nice very nice!!!!

Bel Jee said...

Hey there my agent. Yes, I still remember your commission cupcake, only when will I be seeing you... lets arrange some time during the week before Christmas or just after Christmas :)

cheeky girl said...

hey bel, no worries i was just pulling your legs... "shy"
btw, what's yr msn? i somewhat lost it... =(
mine: tracytooym@hotmail.com

Bel Jee said...


I think I already have you on my msn list...


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