Monday, December 28, 2009

In The Deep Blue Sea

A baby whale

Christmas is over... Looking forward to the New Year break :).

Now, back to some birthday deliveries since I wanted to put up the Christmasy ones last week, I've postponed putting up posts of a few other deliveries. I've got a call from my cousin sis in law's (is this description correct?) colleague inquiring about Christmas yule log, oh wait, I think it was a cake in Santa shape. But when I finally got a confirmation of the order, it was actually for a birthday and the theme was "ocean". Due to time constraint as I was rushing for the baby shower and other Christmas orders, we've picked about 6 items out of the full list for this box of cupcake. Among all, the baby whale was my favorite.

Octopus - which I think looked a bit "evil" or cunning, kind of haha... Bro in law said this looked like one of the octopus in some bank's advertisement. Yeah, because I actually had that in mind, just didn't put on the cap for Octopus


Stingray or also called the "devil fish"

Star fishes

Sea Shells

Medium size cupcakes


cheeky girl said...

i love it!!!! this is really cute!!! really refreshing!!!

Bel Jee said...

hehe... too much Christmas stuff lately right, so some ocean breeze for a change :)


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