Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Emily's Full Moon Party

Emily, my little niece (first child of my only sister), celebrated her one month old last Monday and the party was last Saturday. Yeah, after the robbery case at home on Friday. Sigh... but little Emily has been a comfort to everyone, though traumatized but her presence gave everyone the warmth.

Sis has requested for the same design as Erwin's wedding cupcakes for Emily's full moon party, only hers will be colourful and well, pink.

The cupcakes were placed at the dining table together with the red eggs and pickled ginger sis prepared.

Also prepared a pack for the restaurant senior manager, who's one of our close friends who can't join the dinner.

Pictures of Emily's full moon party is in Facebook :)

ps. Nope, red egg is not in the TeaRoom order list :p

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